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Easter is a day when Christians commemorate the resurrection of Christ. Different countries and cultures, from NZ to the UK and throughout Europe, there are big variations in how Christians celebrate this special day. Here is a look at a few of the most notable Easter celebrations around the world.

• In Brazil Rio de Janeiro is the centre of Easter celebrations. Huge carnivals take place in the streets of the city and around the country, with crowds showing up in throngs. The air is filled with sounds of people marching and singing. Being the largest catholic country in the world, Easter is taken very seriously in Brazil. Meat is not eaten and families take time to talk about the teachings of Christ. Huge fiestas take place in the historic towns of Novo Jerusalem and Minas Gerais.

• In France Catholicism is a deep-rooted religion, making Easter a very important holiday. In the shops and malls, Easter-specific dresses, mementos and decorations are in plenty. A popular tradition is an egg rolling contest, commemorating the rolling of the boulder from the tomb of Christ. Raw eggs are rolled down a gentle slope with the winner being the one whose egg survives.

• In Haiti the day is celebrated in a mixture of catholic and voodoo rituals. Voodoo followers make an annual pilgrimage to a village called Souvenance. There they dance, sing and make animal sacrifices. Colourful parades are common in the streets with a clatter of music played using drums, trumpets and even coffee cans.

• In Bermuda the popular tradition is flying colourful homemade kites, said to signify the ascension of Christ. Eating hot cross buns and codfish cakes is also common.

• In Israel, Easter is one of the most significant holidays for Christians in addition to Christmas. The Holy City of Jerusalem hosts millions of pilgrims from Israel and other parts of the world coming to celebrate in the city where Jesus died and rose. There are also many processions to Golgotha along the same route Jesus took to his crucifixion spot. Other common sights include Easter eggs, Easter cakes and Easter bunnies.

• In the city of Seville in Spain, you will find one of the most unique Easter celebrations in the world. Masked Catholics, some holding candles, march through the streets accompanied by music-playing bands and spectacular floats.

• In the Philippines, the celebrations are a tad bloody than in most other countries. Half naked penitents (those seeking to have their sins forgiven) march through the streets whipping their back bloody with bamboo sticks and blades. There are also plenty of processions, some involving Catholics walking in scorching heat in bare feet.

In New Zealand gifts such as Easter Eggs and Easter flowers are very common gifts that given to loved ones during the Easter holiday. Gails Floral Studio is a Hamilton Florist located in Hamilton. We provide flowers and other accessories for various occasions and holidays. If you are looking for beautiful Easter flowers and gifts, visit our website at www.gails.co.nz. We provide flower delivery services within Hamilton, the Waikato and across New Zealand.

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